Frequently asked questions

Can I participate in the project?

Yes! We raffle off UNCONDITIONAL basic incomes and we encourage people from all over the world to take part and support the project. Although we cannot offer you a personally translated version of our website at this point, you may use online tools like Google translator to read our website in your preferred language.

On this site we put together answers to the most important questions for you.

What is "Mein Grundeinkommen"?

"Mein Grundeinkommen" is a non-profit organization that crowdfunds and raffles off unconditional basic incomes of 1.000,- € a month. We are interested in finding out what happens if we, as a society, have the financial resources to focus on our life-goals rather than on existential needs. We would like to encourage people to trust each other more and indulge in more self-determination. We are taking the basic income discussion beyond academia and into our everyday experience.

What is an "unconditional basic income"?

We define basic income as a sum of 1.000,- € per month. Each person who wins, receives a monthly transfer directly on their bank account, for the duration of one year, so 12.000,- € in total. "Unconditional" means that every human being can win, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or income. A donation to "Mein Grundeinkommen" is not prerequisite for participating in the raffle. The winners are free to use the money without any expectation from our side.

How can I participate in the raffle?

In order to participate in the raffle, the following steps are necessary:

1. Register on our website by clicking "Anmelden" (meaning to set up an account) on our homepage and entering your e-mail address and a nickname (if you win, this will be the name popularly highlighted on our website).
2. Once we announce a new raffle on our website and via our newsletter, you have to log into your profile and confirm your participation in the raffle.
3. After your confirmation was successful you will find your personal batch number in your profile.
4. You can find out whether you won by watching our live-stream on the day of the raffle. If you won, we will inform you via e-mail on the day after.

Anyone is eligible to participate in the raffle. However, in order to register, you must be over 14 years old. Younger children can participate via their parent’s account. They will receive their own batch number for the raffle.

How can I support the project?

There are many ways to support us. If you wish to donate to our project, please visit our campaign on Betterplace, which supports PayPal and credit card transactions or use the PayPal link in the footer of our website.
Unconditional basic income is not a static concept, but one that needs to be experienced and discussed. Our aim is to spur the discussion and motivate you to talk about it with as many people in your surroundings as possible. Just ask people: What would you do, if you received an unconditional basic income? You will get the most inspiring and interesting answers :) You can also engage by interacting on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Can I report about "Mein Grundeinkommen" on the media?

Yes. You're very welcome to write articles about us, shoot movies, interview us or produce podcasts. We welcome journalists and TV teams to our office at any time. To get in touch, please contact

I want to start a similar project in my own country. Where can I get help?

We want to pass on our knowledge about how to implement similar projects all over the world.

If you are thinking about launching a crowdfunding project like ours in your country, we are happy to support you. Therefore we’ve put together a Starterkit for My Basic Income. The kit gives you a few facts about us, as well some guidelines about how to start your own project. It also features projects we helped to kick-off: in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA and France.

If you have any general questions about "Mein Grundeinkommen", don't hesitate to write an e-mail to