Mit Grundeinkommen würde Leonie
Now i depend on my ex, i would be a free and proud woman and mother, on my own !

  • i live in the sad situation that i have to live on the costs of my adicted ex, who mis abused me a lot. In my city and nabourhood where i depend on because of my handicap there is a big need of houses, so i have after 12 years on the list and 5 years after break up from my difficult ex still no own safe peacefull house to live in with my children. We still depend on his house and his money. Long as i have no house i don't have the right on a own income. I can't because of my handicap work outside my home. i created my own prommising home business with blood sweat and tears and a lot of comitment but i had to stop that because of the fact that my addicted ex stole all the business money evry night after a hard day work. i hope that one day evryone on this planet has an own grundinkommen :'(